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SXSW Primer: She & Him

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Toronto – Lets face it… every indie boy out there loves Zooey Deschanel. I don’t know if its the baby face, the eyes, the retro look or the fact that she looks stoned half the time she’s on screen, but there’s something undeniable about her appeal to indie kids. So when it was announced that she was going to collaborate with folk singer M. Ward (looking like a magician in the picture above) for an album, it was not a shocker that the band – She & Him became rather successful (as oppose to say..Scarlett Johansson/Pete Yorn one). The duo will be performing at SXSW to promote their new album Volume Two. Check out this single, so light and fluffy you might be able to lose weight just listening to it.


March 18th, 2010 – Austin, TX @ Cedar Street Courtyard (SXSW/Merge Records Showcase)
No advance tickets.

March 20th, 2010 – Austin, TX @ Auditorium Shores (SXSW/Ground Control Touring Showcase)

SXSW Primer: Sharon Jones

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Toronto – Brooklyn’s own soul queen Sharon Jones has been hard at work on her fourth album I Learned The Hard Way. It is scheduled for release on April 6th. The Panic Manual is no stranger to covering Sharon Jones and her soul revivalist band, the Dap-Kings. She will be performing several shows at SXSW, and this will be a great opportunity for funk and soul enthusiasts to get a preview of her latest efforts and those of bassist Bosco Mann.

I will be the first to admit that I have a bit of a man crush on Bosco. He’s the understated mastermind of the Dap-Kings; receiving writing credits for most of the material in addition to being the unspoken ring-leader during live performances. The Panic Manual has reviewed Sharon Jones’ last two Toronto shows, at both the Toronto jazz festival, and the Kool Haus. In both reviews I specifically gush about Bosco like a 15 year old girl. What can I say? If I was a professional musician, I’d want to be making the kind of music Bosco does, and pairing it with the set of pipes that Sharon Jones has.

The CD release party will be happening at New York’s legendary Apollo Theater on April 30. After the first show sold out, a second date for May 1 has just been announced. Sharon Jones also plays Toronto’s Sound Academy on May 25th.

Her SXSW schedule is:

Wed Night (3/17) – NPR Showcase @ Stubbs, 9:45pm
Thursday Afternoon (3/18) – Billions / Ticketfly Day Party @ The Mohawk, 2:50pm
Friday Afternoon (3/19) – Spin Day Party @ Stubbs, 3:10pm
Friday Night (3/19) – AOL Showcase @ the Austin Music Hall, 11:30pm

SXSW Primer: Athlete

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Toronto – Can you believe the band Athlete now has 4 albums out? I can’t. It just seemed like last week they gently slid into the scene with their laid back summery singles “You Got the Style” and “El Salvador”. However, that was almost seven years ago. Where has time gone? Athlete’s fourth album – Black Swan comes out in the US today (it has been out in the UK for awhile) and as with any band who has anything to release this year, they will be flooding SXSW with a bunch of shows.

For me, Athlete has been a band that’s always kinda been there, lurking in the background. I like their music, but have yet to attach myself emotionally to it, like girls do to Robert Pattinson. But then again, I don’t think I do that anyways, so it’s probably a moot point. I will definitely be attending one of their many showcases though, as their song Wires (off their sophomore effort Tourist) is sensational and definitely one of those songs I want to listen to live.

You can stream their whole album here:

Here is a youtube video of their latest single “The Getaway”, with it’s slow melodic grooves and a big chorus, this song seems primed for a montage in Gossip Girl where all the characters think about all the mistakes they have made in that episode, while looking really really good.

SXSW Schedule
Thursday 3/18 – 2:40PM Fontana @ Buffalo Billiards / The Lodge
Thursday 3/18 – 10:00PM Billboard Showcase @ Habana Bar Backyard

Friday 3/19 – 3:00PM Express Showcase @ The Phoenix

Saturday 3/20 – 2:40PM Filter @ Cedar Street Courtyard
Saturday 3/20 – 1:00AM The Bedford at SXSW

SXSW Primer: Marina and the Diamonds

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Toronto – One of the acts I’m more excited about at SXSW is Marina and the Diamonds. Filled with witty lyrics about society, a wide range of musical styles and a soulful voice, her debut album The Family Jewels has been consistently in my rotation since came out on February 22nd. I’m pretty sure she’ll be pretty big sometime soon, so it’ll be nice to see her in a smallish venue before she reaches Lily Allen levels. Check out her new single, the cleverly written Hollywood.

Also, Spinner has an interview with Marina

So far, Marina and the Diamonds is scheduled to play Lamberts at 12:00 AM On Thursday