Concert Review: Glitterer, Glixen, March 5, Velvet Underground

Opening with “I Want To Be Invisible,” the first track on their latest release, Rationale, Washington D.C.’s Glitterer got things off to a strong start for their Tuesday night show at Velvet Underground alongside tourmates Glixen, who also impressed with their heavy, hazy, shoegazey wall of sound. 

Partway through their set, Glitterer singer/bassist Ned Russin thanked promoter Not Dead Yet, noting that he’s been putting on shows with NDY’s Greg Benedetto since 2009. He went on to add that it felt nice to come back to a welcoming place with a lot of familiar faces and old friends. In keeping with the reflective nature of his stage banter, he Introduced the next tune, “Recollection,” as a song about the passage of time. 

And while we’re on the subject of time, Glitterer likes to keep things short and sweet, song-wise. With most of their songs clocking in under the 3 minute mark, the band’s brand of grungy, synth-tinged emo never overstays its welcome. 

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