SXSW Review: Overcoats, March 14, Cheer Up Charlie’s


Indie pop duo Overcoats brought harmonized vocals, choreographed moves and just good vibes to their show case on Tuesday night at Cheer Up Charlies.

The group’s harmonies reminded me of Lucius, a band I adore for their vocal-heavy blend of pop, folk and other genres. The intangible part of Overcoats’ show was Hana Elion and JJ Mitchell’s chemistry on stage – the duo was clearly having a blast up there and that really delivered a jolt to the crowd, many of whom were probably on hour nine of seeing live music. All in all, Overcoats were a fun time.

The group’s new album Winner drops April 7 and was produced by Daniel Tashian (a co-producer on Kacey Musgraves’s acclaimed Golden Hour), so you know they’re on the up and up.

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