Concert Review: The Comet is Coming, October 14, Axis Club

the comet is coming

the comet is coming

It’s hard to believe it’s been three years since The Comet is Coming wowed the audience, and specifically, the Panic Manual crew, at SXSW.

Their creative take of combining elements of electronic and jazz gave their sound a freshness that was truly unique.

In the three years since, The Comet is Coming has seen their second record nominated for the Mercury Prize and much like a lot of acts, the band spent the pandemic crafting a new record – Hyper-Dimensional Expansion Beam.

This October see the trio finally back on tour in North America and make no mistake, the live environment is where the group shines. Powered by the King Shabaka’s lungs, the Comet is Coming live experience is something else. The saxophone jumps off the stage, Betamax’s drum work drives and paces the show and filling in all the gaps and acting as an orchestrator is Danalogue

Together they put on a live show that rarely stops, seamlessly moving from one track to another. New material melding with the old and creating just a really cool vibe. I don’t think there was anyone in the crowd didn’t feel like they were at the coolest event in town that night. I’m still digesting the new material but the older material still stood out as the highlights of the evening. The Frenetic, chaotic energy of “Total Eclipse”, the hip hop vibes of “Blood of the Past” and the dance energy of “Summon the Fire” all were highlights of the show.

Much like a lot of amazing instrumental acts, it’s really hard to fully encapsulate the experience – a Comet is Coming show is just a really cool and unique experience. Don’t miss it

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