Concert Review: Frayle, June 4, The Opera House


Early on in their Saturday night set at The Opera House, Frayle vocalist Gwyn Strang addressed the crowd, mentioning that Toronto is her hometown and that it was good to be back home. I must point out though that the way she pronounced Toronto suggests that she’s probably been away for long enough that she’s adjusted so as not to confuse Americans who might wonder where this ‘Toronno’ place is located.

Quibbles about pronunciation aside, Frayle put on a compelling show full of slow, heavy riffs counterbalanced by the gentler sound of Strang’s ethereal vocals. With their dark, moody sounds and witchy sort of vibe, the Cleveland band acted as a good contrast to headliner Cradle of Filth’s more over the top approach.

Frayle’s upcoming album Skin & Sorrow is set to be released on July 8 Via Aqualamb Records.

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