Hot Docs Review: TikTok, Boom (Shalini Kantayya, 2022)


What started as a platform for users to lipsync to their favourite songs has evolved into the highest downloaded app with over a billion active monthly users. Tik Tok has become the most engaging and lucrative social media platform for businesses to promote products and for Gen Z to share the newest dance trends and lifestyle hacks and to voice political activism.

Shalini Kantayya’s Tik Tok, Boom tells the stories of various Tik Tok content creators navigating their experience on the app. The documentary highlights concerns using this app and allows the audience to reflect on the implications of a highly curated “for you” feed.

Tik Tok, Boom is a must see for anyone connected to the internet. For those looking for a primer on Tik Tok, this documentary summarizes the history and concerns around the app. Despite the concerns raised by Kantayya, Tik Tok is still around, and will continue to exist. Tik Tok, Boom gives the audience an opportunity to reflect and question how we can influence or let Tik Tok influence our culture and the world.

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