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Hot Docs Review: TikTok, Boom (Shalini Kantayya, 2022)

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What started as a platform for users to lipsync to their favourite songs has evolved into the highest downloaded app with over a billion active monthly users. Tik Tok has become the most engaging and lucrative social media platform for businesses to promote products and for Gen Z to share the newest dance trends and lifestyle hacks and to voice political activism. Shalini Kantayya’s Tik Tok, Boom tells the stories of various Tik Tok content creators navigating their experience on …

Concert Review: L’Imperiatrice, April 10, The Opera House

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I’m getting the impression – though my sample size is admittedly still small – that bands from France want you to dance. I saw Daft Punk nearly 15 years ago, Polo & Pan back in December and now L’Imperatrice this past Sunday; and together, they have convinced me that the French are going to bring the grooves and a visual show just as fun as their music! The 6 piece French-pop, nu-disco centric band are currently touring their second studio …

Concert Review: The Districts, April 8, Horseshoe Tavern

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The Districts made their way back up to Toronto this past Friday to play their first show here in nearly 5 years – and they did not disappoint. Playing to a sold out crowd at the Horseshoe Tavern, lead singer Rob Grote spoke about how happy they were to be touring again for their new album Great American Painting and also to finally get to play some songs from their previous album here for the first time as well. Between …

Concert Review: The Dip, April 5, Horseshoe Tavern

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After two years of various shows being bumped, rescheduled and cancelled, it finally feels like Toronto is picking up steam as raring-to-go bands roll through – and the anticipation has made these shows all the sweeter. The Seattle-based 7 piece band The Dip found their way to Toronto’s Horseshoe Tavern to play two nights of shows this week on April 5th & 6th and were greeted by a sold out crowd; hyped to sing along, dance and soak up everything …