Concert Review: Luna Li, April 29, Axis Club


“This is so special. I’m so happy to finally play Toronto.”

So said Luna Li near the outset of her show at Axis Club last night, though even if she hadn’t said it explicitly, it was clear that she was indeed very happy to be playing a hometown show.

And what a show it was. Playing songs from her debut album Duality alongside a few from her breakout Jams EP, Luna Li put on a solid performance that showcased her skills not only as a songwriter and guitarist, but as a harpist and violinist. There was confetti too, and we all know confetti makes everything more fun.

Sure, Luna Li has played plenty of shows around Toronto over the past few years, but playing a show to a sold out crowd after it had been postponed a couple of times definitely made this one seem a bit more special.

“We have played so many of these songs in the shittiest basements, the wackest venues, playing to like, two people,” she noted. “And now we’re here.” This show definitely had the feel of a homecoming. Here’s hoping Luna Li plays some more hometown shows soon enough.

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