SXSW Review: Hamish Hawk, March 17, Swan Dive Patio

20220319 Hamish Hawk
It’s somewhat fitting that one month after I ordered The Divine Comedy’s Greatest Hits record on vinyl, I would encounter Hamish Hawk at SXSW.

Strictly speaking, the Scottish singer’s deep voice and observational lyrics heavily reminded me of Neil Hannon’s group and considering I just bought a compilation record covering all of that group’s hits over the past 30 years, that’s not a band thing. In today’s world, where most of the relatively new bands from the UK all sound like they just discovered Idles, it’s fresh to see someone like Hamish Hawk stand out from the crowd with his rich, witty lyrics and storytelling against a more pop-based backdrop.

Hamish’s live shows are also entertaining, as he for whatever reason loves to accentuates his lyrics with very interesting facial reactions as well as entertaining banter between tracks.

Worth checking out.

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