SXSW Review: Red Rum Club, March 13, Cedar St. Courtyard


One of the fun things about SXSW is thinking about what a band’s projection would be based on their music and presentation. It’s kinda like a young prospect in sports … will they be a franchise player or a bench warmer?

Hailing from Liverpool (as they mentioned time and time again during their set), Red Rum Club comes to SXSW as a seemingly well polished product ready for the big show. The interesting thought for me is that for this group, the big show isn’t necessarily some pedestal on the Mount Rushmore of rock but rather, their music seems tailored for the top 40 charts

The band’s 40 minute set was filled with big hooks, singalongs and even a very catchy song inspired by fellow Liverpudlians The Beatles. The band’s easy to digest songs are primed for a wide audience. Combine that with a charismatic front man and a cool band aesthetic and you have the makings of a band that can rocket to the top of the charts.

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