Concert Review: Dorothea Paas, February 19, Monarch Tavern

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“Shows are back!”

As Dorothea Paas noted during her Saturday night set at the Monarch Tavern, shows are indeed back in Toronto (well, at least at The Monarch they are), and she took the opportunity to test out a couple of new songs for the occasion, including one so new she didn’t even have lyrics for it yet.

Paas performed solo for most of her set, playing a classical guitar instead of her usual electric, though she did switch to an electric guitar for the last tune as she was joined by Chris Cummings aka Marker Starling and his bandmates. She would later return the favour by playing guitar with Marker Starling during the headliner’s set.

Paas put on an impressive show made up mostly of songs off of her debut full length album Anything Can’t Happen, released in May of last year on Telephone Explosion Records. Though presented in a more stripped down format than on the album, the complexity in her songcraft was still evident. The title track from Anything Can’t Happen was a definite highlight of her set, a lovely folk rock number that shone though in its stripped down solo arrangement.

Check out the video for “Anything Can’t Happen” below.

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