SXSW Review: The Mysterines, Enjoyable Listens, Scrounge

Watching SXSW Online 2021 is an interesting experience. On one hand, I was rather sad that I was unable to attend these sets live and in person in Texas, but on the other hand, I was excited to discover new music again. In a way, I felt sorry for these bands because:

a) The audience is smaller
b) They can’t feed off the energy of the crowd

However, in a way, this is also great for bands because:

a) They aren’t exhausted when performing (most bands perform up to 10 times over five days at SXSW)
b) There aren’t sound issues
c) They get to give the performance they want.

Either way, I don’t think it replicates the live experience. I watched several acts over the past few days – here’s my take on some of the acts:

The Mysterines

Even through my TV screen, I can sense the power that is Lia Metcalfe’s voice. Her voice sounds somewhere between PJ Harvey and Marina and The Diamonds, Metcalfe’s voice and vocal delivery adds a level of star power and wattage to the group. Are The Mysterines trying to bring rock back? It seems so. Despite their nods to the past, it is a refreshing sound. The Liverpool group played a solid 3 song set that has me curious for more.

Enjoyable Listens

Given the amount of IDLES-inspired acts that permeated many of the showcases, it was super refreshing to see Enjoyable Listens play their set. A one man act, Luke Duffet danced to the TV while singing some delightful 80’s ballad tunes in his baritone voice – tunes that brought a smile to my face. He sounds a bit like Morrissey to be honest, hopefully doesn’t share the same politics. Either way, Duffet seems like a riot based on the 15 minute set and I’d be excited to see how they pan out


A duo from South London, Scrounge’s pulsating riff driven rock music made me comment to my friends that “Scrounge makes me miss live music”. As I watched them, all I could think about was being once again in a dirty bar, head nodding up and down, pseudo-drunk and just feeling energized from the energy that would emanate from the band and would proliferate throughout the crowd. So in other words, Scrounge caught my attention. I want their energy. Listen to this song – feed that into my veins.

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