SXSW Review: Holiday Sidewinder, March 15, Lucille


One of the fun things about SXSW is seeing artists perform in unusual spaces, often ones that are not quite perfectly suited to their style of performance, and then watching that artist take over that space and totally make it their own. Such was the case with Holiday Sidewinder.

Playing a mid-afternoon set on the tiny front yard stage set up a at Lucille for the Aussie BBQ showcase, Australian pop singer Holiday Sidewinder Carmen-Sparks (yes, that is actually her real name) put her all into that show. She definitely took over that space and could not be contained by the small stage, quickly moving from its confines onto the patio itself and moving about the space, dramatically posing the entire time before finally singing in the midst of the crowd. And the entire time she was throwing down perfect pop songs like “Leo” and “Tra$h Can Love.”

She may have been playing in a small space, but Holiday Sidewinder came on strong with a big, bold, and fun performance.

Posted on by Paul in South By Southwest