SXSW Review: Meute, March 12, Barracuda

MEUTE, March 14, SXSW 2018

SXSW is great in that if you are willing to see some unknown bands, chances are you will be blown away by a few of them. This year, the obvious winner in this category is Meute.

Meute is best described as a EDM marching band from Germany. Featuring up to a dozen band members on drums, brass and random stuff like xylophone, Meute transforms what you would think is purely a digital experience (EDM) and makes it an analog one and it’s frankly amazing. Playing an extremely energetic set on Monday night, Meute blew our minds and had everyone in the Barracuda dancing. Much like with EDM, the music ebbs and flows, going from quiet down periods which then propagates into explosive “drops” that is the essence of this type of music. However, with Meute, during the down periods, the band actually got down and also got the crowd to do the same thing. The beauty of it is that it felt natural as the musicians were right there, and when the beat picks up and everyone jumps up into a dancing frenzy, it’s just seems kinda right.

Can’t recommend this band nearly enough. A helluva time.

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