SXSW Review: Jade Bird, March 13, Elysium

jade bird

I wasn’t quite sure what I was walking into Tuesday night at the Elysium, I just heard there was some buzz for London singer Jade Bird and knew that I enjoyed her song “Lottery” on my Spotify playlist.

Confident and fun on stage, Jade Bird played a set that had me thinking “is this country?” It certainly had that feel like country music, but I was like, “what’s country music anyway?”

The songs were catchy and really highlighted Jade’s vocals with her delivery ranging from slower tracks to rapid fast delivery that made it feel like it was country music. In between sets her London accent during the banter really threw me off cause I kept on thinking I was at a country show. Anyways, Jade Bird sounds a bit like First Aid Kit if the had a few too many beers and decided to be fun. By the end of the set I was convinced I was at a country show, and it was cemented by a nice cover of a Johnny Cash song.

For an artist without a record out, Jade Bird radiates on stage and has the type of presence that makes you think she’ll be a star. It helps that her first batch of songs are quite strong. Check her out.

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