SXSW Review: Flint Eastwood, March 17, Sidewinder

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Flint Eastwood was a band I literally stumbled upon. I was walking past the Sidewinder bar on my way to get some food when I heard this powerful voice coming out the backyard. I was like, this sounds interesting and walked to the show. The band that was playing was Flint Eastwood and boy did they put on a fun show. As you can tell by the picture, they sort of look like a metal band but after a few songs, I realized they weren’t a metal band but given their synth heavy sound with a penchant for big anthemic choruses, the trio sounded more like Chvrches, which is odd since the band consisted of someone on guitar, a drummer and the singer.

Let me tell you about the singer. Some people were born to perform. Jax Anderson seems like she was born to perform. There was an immense intensity about her that the crowd just gravitated to. When she told us to come closer, it didn’t sound like a plea, it sounded like a demand and we obliged. When she told us to sing a part of the song, we felt like we had to. I’m not saying she’s bossy, I’m just saying when she says or sings something, it meant business.

It all added to a good show and there are definitely some single worthy songs. Apparently, one of them was on some show called Teen Wolf already. With good tracks and such a charismatic stage presence, I would not be surprised if Flint Eastwood makes some noise in the near future.

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