SXSW Review: Let’s Eat Grandma, March 17, Mohawk

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A duo from Norwich, Let’s Eat Grandma are still too young to drink publicly, yet in a span of a few shows, they have become a buzz band at SXSW.

Set up primarily with a laptop, two keyboards and a guitar, Let’s Eat Grandma’s music showed remarkable depth, blending in atmospheric synth with sparse percussion and the occasional flair, such as a saxophone or a glockenspiel. On top of that, I’m pretty convinced that they were having the most fun on stage out of all the bands I saw. Along with their music, the duo added dance elements to their set in sync with their music that plain straight looked fun (choreographed handclaps are big in their set).

The only downside was that the group had problems with their equipment and had to cut their set short, leaving me and the audience wanting more. All in all, it’s a bit of weirdo pop, but that’s what makes it so good

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