Concert Review: Bad Suns, October 28, Double Door

There is no time in life when I would be excited to stand behind a screaming 19 year old dressed in a banana suit besides on Halloween weekend at the Double Door hosting Bad Suns. When you’re watching a quartet of brootiful men with a shiny metallic sun make infectious indie pop onstage under a moving disco ball, really a screaming 19 year old in a banana suit is just appropriate ambiance.

I spent the first thirty minutes of the show utterly confused, texting my sister, because I couldn’t understand why I didn’t recognize a single song Bad Suns were playing. Turns out the openers COIN just went hard for an hour and a half and the audience was super into it. The Nashville quartet ran through “Run” and “Time Machine” from their self titled 2015 album as well as their new 2016 single “Talk Too Much”.

As the band left the stage (and everyone checked their phones for the cubbies score) Bad Suns took to the stage under their glittering metallic sun and the moving disco ball, immediately rolling into the first song off their new album “Disappear Here” and moving quickly through “Patience,” “Even In My Dreams I Can’t Win,” “Dancing on Quicksand,” “Sleep Paralysis,” “Transpose,” and one of my favorites, “Daft Pretty Boys.” It’s a testament to how good the new album is that the crowd seemed to be more pumped for the new songs than the old (maybe also a testament to how young the band is) but there was palpable excitement at the beginning of every track, and from the first song to the last everyone was on their feet dancing. As the band left the stage (and as everyone once again checked their phones for the cubbies score) there was a chant of “Heart.Break.Er! Heart.Break.Er!” The band of course came out and accommodated. As everyone dispersed into the night to watch the cubbies finish up a heartbreaking 1-0 loss to Cleveland, I think everyone who was at the Double Door would agree that Bad Suns was the highlight of their night.

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