Concert Review: Tegan & Sara, June 25, Hilton Toronto

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It’s not every day you get invited to a private concert. It’s certainly not every day you get invited to a private concert by Hilton Hotels featuring Tegan & Sara, so like a moth to the flame, I hastily accepted my invitation to this exclusive show that took place Saturday night in the heart of Toronto.

A show held by Hilton Toronto that was billed as an exclusive experience to Hilton HHonors members, Tegan & Sara was a small and intimate affair in which probably half the crowd just went there for free food and drinks, but definitely left as Tegan & Sara fans.

It’s funny, as I was doing my typical in-depth (but not too in-depth) analysis of the night, I came to the startling realization that Tegan & Sara might just be my favorite Canadian act from the past half decade. Starting with The Con, I have definitely enjoyed their releases, accumulating with their new release, Love You To Death. Released just recently, Love You to Death is pop music at it’s finest, big tracks full of hooks and ear worms. As the group took the stage and launched into their first track, the hit single “Boyfriend,” it was apparent I was not the only one who felt that way as a majority of that crowd already knew the lyrics.

The rest of the set comprised of a combination of tracks from their previous works, including old classic “Walking With a Ghost.” In between the set, the group engaged with the crowd, telling stories about latte art, their love for Hilton (maybe tongue in cheek) and accepting facetime messages from fans on stage. It was all part of the Tegan & Sara charm. Standouts from the set include new track “Stop Desire and of course, the closing song “Closer,” one of their best and most likely identified as the track that ushered in the Tegan & Sara pop era, one that has seen them rise to the top and based off this record, will keep them there for awhile.

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