Concert Review: Dreamers, June 24, Lincoln Hall

Invariably during a show there’s that one song that catches your attention – it’d elicited a “meh, skip” reaction when you were listening to it recorded, and yet when you hear it live you find yourself jumping so enthusiastically that the tall person behind you is probably afraid you’re going to jump up and smack into their jaw.

That moment came for me when Dreamers broke into “Never Too Late to Dance.” The (very, very good looking) cosmic rockers, fronted by Nick Wold on guitar and vocals, prefaced the song with a “you might want to move your hips to this one.” Understatement if I ever heard one. The best moment of the show came when Wold showed off his own moves and turned a disco move into a guitar stroke.

The indie trio moved through “Shooting Shadows,” “Sweet Disaster,” “Dreamers” and “Wolves” off their current EP You Are Here and their upcoming debut album This Album Does Not Exist, and they were absolutely incredible in all their punky, 70’s, poppy, rocker glory. I’d suggest grabbing a ticket for this tour when they’re still playing your favorite local haunt and not some mega stadium.

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