Concert Review: Ben Folds, May 13, The Riviera

Either Ben Folds is amazingly eclectic in his lineup or Paul and I just took note of very different songs in our respective concert experiences with him. In my disjointed and very poorly spelled text message to myself during the show, I managed to jot down “Erase Me,” “Song for the Dumped,” “Jesusland,” “Effington,” and “Phone in a Pool” and absolutely none of the ones that Paul noted. I’m not sure if I was just distracted when other songs were played or if the lineup really changed that much (let’s be real – probably the former). Honestly I couldn’t see anything for the first half of the show anyways because the Riv is the absolute worst (for the love of God guys – get a door for that one stall in the ladies. We may be paying $7 for our PBRs but leave us with at least a little bit of our dignity intact.)

What we do both agree on is the value added by Ben’s currently touring ensemble, New York’s yMusic. The group is amazing. You’ll be mesmerized right off the bat by the violinist and flautist’s hair, and once you’re drawn in by their locks you’ll be blown away by their technical skill. Ben Folds is a charismatic and charming frontman, coming off at times as downright goofy, and while it might not seem like that lightness would pair well with the more serious chamber music that’s being produced by the backing band, they somehow make it work effortlessly, bringing the beauty and resonance of the music to the forefront without making the experience in any way heavy or somber. It’s like champagne – bubbly and fun but also an experience to be savored.

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