Hot Docs Review: Migrant Dreams [2016, Min Sook Lee]

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Not here.

That was my outstanding thought as I was watching Migrant Dreams, a documentary from Min Sook Lee. As Canadians and especially in Toronto, we like to trump our diversity and how Canada has many great policies. We look over towards other countries, how they treat their immigrants and hold our chins up and pat ourselves on the back over the cultural mosaic we have established. Then you watch a documentary like this and suddenly you realize that all the atrocities you see and hear about foreign migrant worker abuse is not only very real, but it’s also in our home and native land.

An eye opening film about the treatment of workers in Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker Program, the abuse and mistreatments the documentary’s subjects go through will infuriate you. The irony of this film is high, as many of you know, Canadians recently boasted about supporting French’s ketchup on the strength of it’s homegrown tomatoes. Well you will find out that the location of these homegrown tomatoes take place in the same place as this documentary.

An film that will inform and infuriate you at the same time, it is definitely worth checking out. I would have liked to hear about the policies of temporary foreign worker programs from both the government and employer’s point of view, but they were noticeably absent from the film, probably for good reason.

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