SXSW Review: Chairlift, Budweiser House, March 16


Chairlift’s new album Moth is one of my favorites thus far in 2016, with it’s incredibly catchy hooks and delightful synthpop sounds, so it was a no brainer to see them at SXSW. Taking the stage a bit after midnight, I was pleased to find the new album also seemed to bring forth a new change in the band’s live setup. Considering how creative and visually pleasing their videos have been, it was always odd to find the band mainly behind their instruments during the set. The new album seemed to have changed the presentation, the new tracks bring Caroline up from behind the synthesizer and in front of the stage. She’s a dynamic presence when not behind her synthesizer and adds a much needed visual and energetic element to the groups live show.

Playing a short set full of new material and some previous hits, the group seemed more lively then ever, although they still did not do the Amanaemonesia dance. One could only dream. My only complaint was that the track Moth to the Flame, which is definitely going to be a hit this year, was not as ‘anthemy’ as it could have been. That’s a killer track with a sick hook and the live version came out a bit subdued for some reason. I guess there’s some kinks that need to be worked out. Minor complaint aside, this latest rendition of Chairlift seems destined for success. Now if they would only hire some dancers or something for when Amanaemonesia comes on.

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