SXSW Song of the Day Archive: Soul Asylum – Runaway Train (1992)

Hey duuuudddes!

How’s it hanging? whoomp there it is. I was at Tower Records yesterday just chilling and I bought this cassette tape by this band from ‘Sota and it’s freakin dope. Cha Ching! The band is called Soul Asylum and they are all serious and concerned about issues and stuff. Gnarly right?

This song is called Runaway Train and it is really dark but also has a nice melody to it. I think it would be trippin if they played it on my fav show 90210 where Kelly runs away from Brandon to be with Dylan. I heard the lead singer is dating Winona Ryder who is a total babe and will be a very big movie star soon. She was a total betty in Reality Bites.

So go to your music store, buy this cassette, put it in your walkman, pump up your reeboks and check it out!

I think in like 20 years they might play some festival called SXSW but that was only what a psychic told me. NOT!

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