SXSW Song of the Day: Basia Bulat – Fool


New year, you know what that means? SXSW is around the corner. Let’s look at some people playing this festival.

Basia Bulat has a new record coming out this year. The album is called Good Advice. Word on the street (or her page) says it’s a break up album and she drove 600 miles to Kentucky to record it with Jim James of My Morning Jacket. My real question would be, why not fly? It’s probably at best a 250 dollar one way flight and if you factor in gas prices and wear and tear on the car (assuming she was using her own), the difference is minimal at best. Sure driving might be cheaper, but there might be long standing costs to her trip that she might not be aware of, mostly concerning wear and tear on her car.

Anyways, it probably doesn’t sound as much of a journey if the PR email said she took the free shuttle to the airport, flew Porter to Midway and then transferred over to Kentucky to record an album.

Basia has always had a knack for writing catchy melodies and Fool is no exception. This track has got an uplifty vibe to it which makes me wonder, has anyone done a breakup album where they are breaking up with someone else, but is not exactly broken up about it?

Fool, I presume is a track off her new record, called Good Advice which is out in February.

Basia is also playing SXSW in March and probably somewhere near you at some point in the given future.

Check it out.

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