Concert Review: Smith Street Band, October 31, Bottom Lounge


Concerts on Halloween are the best – a costumed crowd (shout out to the guys dressed as Rick and Morty – y’all looked great), free candy and music. What more could you ask for? I would imagine though that it’s a lot of pressure on the band – they’re the ones who really have to set the Halloween-y vibe for the crowd, they’re depending on it.

The Smith Street Band decided the best way to do this was twofold: 1) dress in black capes and masks and 2) dedicate all their songs to the dark lord. A solid strategy.

The group, hailing from Melbourne, played a Halloween show at the Bottom Lounge, opening for the New Jersey indie-punkers The Front Bottoms. The foursome put out a punk rock vibe, heavy on drums, that the Front Bottoms’ crowd warmed to nicely. Working their way through their three previous albums, 2014’s Throw Me in the River, 2012’s Sunshine and Technology and 2011’s No One Gets Lost Anymore the group came across well live, throwing themselves into the pieces with enthusiasm, capes waving in the background.

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