Concert Review: Makthaverskan, October 6, Smiling Buddha

Sometimes it can be just as interesting to see a performance by a band where the odds seem stacked against them and nothing’s going right than to see one that goes off without a hitch – infinitely more frustrating for the band I’m sure, and probably not as much fun for anyone involved, but interesting from an observer’s perspective. This is what was going through my mind as I watched Swedish punk band Makthaverskan deal with sound and gear issues throughout their set at Smiling Buddha.

After running though their first song, singer Maja Milner asked for some adjustments to the mix since she couldn’t hear herself or the guitars. Shortly after this, it became clear that something was wrong with the guitar. “Lower, I’m sorry, but can we borrow a guitar?” said Milner, addressing their Danish tourmates (who played an excellent set right before Makthaverskan). “If not, that’s OK.” Though clearly getting frustrated, the band kept their cool and after a lengthy break where they tried to sort things out, they eventually just soldiered on and tried to make the best of it. And although it likely sounded a lot rougher and looser than the band is used to (“I don’t recognize our sound,” said Milner at one point), they played with a certain intensity that still managed to impress – Milner’s vocals sounded harsher than on record and the band’s performance was perhaps a little more aggressive. Certainly not the ideal situation, but at least it wasn’t a total loss.

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