Concert Review: The Australian Pink Floyd Show, July 22, Molson Amphitheatre


As The Australian Pink Floyd Show took to the stage, a series of images flashed upon the Stargate shaped screen in quick succession, including Ronald McDonald, characters from Pulp Fiction, a clock, a biohazard symbol, a stop sign, Bin Laden, a skull, and of course, a kangaroo. In addition, as you would expect if you were at a show by the actual Pink Floyd (or at a planetarium) there were plenty of lasers. It was all part of the intensive visual element of the band’s live show, which later included a mid set montage of clips from such Australian cultural exports as Neighbours, Crocodile Dundee, Men at Work, Kylie, ACDC, and of course, more kangaroos. By the end of the show, a giant inflatable pink kangaroo appeared on stage – you know, just to make sure you remember that they’re Aussies.

They’re not Pink Floyd, though they are, to borrow a phrase, “the same in a relative way.” The band is made up of talented musicians playing spot on versions of all the hits from throughout Floyd’s career and sounding pretty much exactly like Pink Floyd. As the crowd all sang along with “Wish You Were Here,” it didn’t really matter that these guys were a really good facsimile and not the real thing – ultimately it all comes down to the songs. People love these songs and they’ll love them whether they’re being played by these guys, by some other tribute/cover band, by the original members of Pink Floyd or by some random dude at the karaoke bar. Just as long as they do the songs justice.

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