Concert Review: Dave Monks, June 25, The Garrison


Tokyo Police Club singer Dave Monks recently released a solo EP, All Signs Point To Yes, which showcases a more stripped down, acoustic based side of his songwriting than his main gig. “Gasoline,” the first single off of the EP, piqued my interest after not really paying close attention to the Newmarket band’s career for awhile. On record and live, the performance of these new songs has a different energy and a more laid back vibe than a Tokyo Police Club Show.

“Welcome to the third show of the enterprise known as Dave Monks. You can applaud.” With that, Monks introduced himself to the crowd and displayed some of the cheeky banter he’d deploy throughout his set, which also included an attempt to get some cheers for a mention of Parkdale, and the comment, “We’re entering the nether regions of my show” as we approached the end of his set. I could have done without the numerous exclamations of “TORONTO!” that he shouted out during his set, but I guess it was a homecoming show of sorts for the now Brooklyn based Monks, so that can be forgiven.

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