Concert Review: San Cisco, June 23, Lincoln Hall


What is it about Australia? Why is it that a country where almost every native animal is capable of killing you in some bizarrely specific capacity produces bands that are more fun than a barrel of monkeys? If I lived in Australia I would not only brag non-stop about the fact that I was hardy enough to survive my homeland, but also the fact that I hail from a land that produced Architecture in Helsinki, The Griswolds, and of course, San Cisco.

The foursome, hailing from Fremantle, West Australia, took the stage Tuesday night at Lincoln Hall following openers MOTHXR. The group just put out their sophomore album, Gracetown (not to be confused with Graceland as lead singer Jordi Davieson pointed out, which garnered shouted requests of “You Can Call Me Al!” Obnoxious yes, but if you’re gonna choose a Graceland song, it’s a solid choice) back in March of this year. Playing mostly from the new album, the group worked their way through “Too Much Time Together” “Bitter Winter” “Jealousy” and “Magic”. Much to the crowd’s delight, drummer Scarlett Stevens came out from behind her drumset and took to center stage for slow jam “Super Slow” and slow-mo rocked out with the rest of the band.

I know the band solely from the new album, but everyone else got pretty pumped when the group busted out their old material “Awkward” and “Fred Astaire” from the debut album. The foursome looked completely at ease onstage, with Davieson doing most of the talking, explaining to the crowd that Gracetown doesn’t really actually ever reference the small town in Western Australia, but that it’s a favored spot for the band. The group gave Chicago some love, explaining that they had just been to Lollapalooza last year, and that Lincoln Hall was one of their favorite venues. Chicago gave the love right back, and then sent them on their way – the group is continuing their tour with Toronto and DC coming up – don’t miss out.

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