NXNE Review: Sista Fista, June 18, Coalition


When you make the decision to go see a band called Sista Fista, you kind of go in knowing what you’re going to get. There are no expectations of anything nuanced or particularly classy, especially when the words “raunchy” and “vulgar’ have been used to describe them. So I had no misconceptions going in and the band managed to live up (down?) to my expectations when they opened their set up with a song called “Fist Fight Fuck.” Another actual song title that this band actually wrote: “Goldie Lox 3 Bears 1 Cup”

Sista Fista’s lyrical content and stage banter was full of crude sexual humour, sometimes delving into scatalogical areas and often crossing the boundaries of good taste. Despite the puerile nature of their jokes, I found myself enjoying it all for the most part, though there were a few cringeworthy moments.

Musically, the band delivered some straightforward melodic punk that matched up well with their chosen subject matter. The band made the most of their late night set (as part of the Toronto Pride showcase) playing to a somewhat sparse crowd in a room full of couches, including one which was strangely close to the front of the stage. “You’ve all been upgraded to VIP!” announced the band. They then they asked why no one was sitting and when they were informed that the couch was wet, they naturally responded, “Of course it’s wet. VIP at a Sista Fista show? What did you expect?”

Posted on by Paul in North By Northeast