Concert Review: The Pixies, Horseshoe Tavern, June 7, 2015


As you know by now, the Pixies played the Horseshoe Tavern on Sunday after Robert Plant woke up with the flu or something. The announcement was followed by a frantic scramble to acquire tickets. Luckily I captured some.

The overcrowded Horseshoe was revved up to see the legendary group, I was kind of tired from walking around the Field Trip grounds for the weekend. Still, anytime you can see a group of such distinction at the Horseshoe, you take it.

As for the show, what can you say?

The Pixies are the ultimate music mercenaries.

They have a list of songs everyone likes, they come, they wave, they play them, get paid and leave.

They are there to merely satisfy your nostalgic desires and it works.

Playing a venue of this size for probably the first time in awhile, the Pixies seemed to be a bit louder and a bit punchier then you are used to. There are few people who can snarl like Black Francis and Paz Lenchantin did a reasonable impression of Kim Deal. The crowd, when trying not to pass out from the heat, was energetic and went along with all the songs. It made for a pretty unique experience.

The group romped through thirty songs (even some new ones), not saying a single word to the crowd and gave everyone the hits that they wanted (except Debaser)

Just like a Pixies song, the show was abrupt, quick and packed a punch. I guess it couldn’t be more fitting.

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