Concert Review: Primal Scream, May 15, Danforth Music Hall

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Having been around for just over two decades now, it’s easy to forget just how ambitious, creative and awesome Primal Scream is.

That is, until you attend their concert and get hit smack in the face with tracks that span from electronica to bluesy rock, all of them equipped with thunderous drive and Bobby Gillespies’s rock star swagger.

Primal Scream’s concert on Friday was a romp and a hit parade. A casual reminder that when they are on top of their game, few are better.

I had forgotten that, but now I remember.

I remember that cool sensation I feel when I hear the opening to Kill All Hippies (definitely my wrestling theme song if I was a wrestler)

I remember being at that dark rave that I was never at when the ear bursting beats of Swastika Eyes made me shake

I remember those dance cave moments, rocking along to set closer Rocks, which isn’t really about rocking out

I remember wandering across a desert, trying to decipher my life, listening to the simple beauty that is Higher then the Sun

Most of all, I remember to testify. even if I didn’t, Bobby did, as he warned the crowd. “Are you ready to testify?” Before launching into Movin On Up. a song so good and so well written you’ll know and love the lyrics before its all over.

I had never heard Moving On Up live before and man, what an amazing experience in person. An uplifting sing along that had everyone’s arms up. it was one of those moments.

At the end of the day, concerts are all about those moments. Primal Scream gave me several of those on Friday and that is all anyone can ask for.

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