CMW Review: Fat White Family, May 8, The Horseshoe


“You have no idea how much we suffer,” said Fat White Family guitarist Saul Adamczewski as they took to the stage. “Every day is the same.”

Whether he was expressing his ennui and existential angst brought on by the rigours of touring, or just referring to their issues with the sound at the venue (According to Adamczewski, they need a lot of reverb to cover up how “shit” they are), it was an amusing way in which to introduce themselves. And with introductions out of the way, the Fat Whites got right down to business, delivering a drunken, shambolic yet engaging show to a packed Horseshoe Tavern. Singer Lias Saoudi prowled about the stage like a man possessed – he definitely adheres to the “I am a golden god” school of rock performance techniques.

In terms of energy and attitude, Fat White Family definitely delivered. It wasn’t exactly the most polished performance, but that hardly matters – close enough for rock n’ roll and all that.

Posted on by Paul in Canadian Music Week