CMW Review: Noel Gallagher and His Birds, Sony Centre, May 3

Noel G as you may know, was one of the two G brothers that composed of the known members of Oasis. They broke up awhile ago and we have all yet still to recover.

In between now and when they reunite at Coachella in a few years, we have the distinct pleasure of watching their solo acts. I have yet to see Beady Eye, but on the strength of Noel G’s latest pretty good effort and dirt cheap stub hub tickets (21 dollas for amazing seats!) I convinced myself to go out yet another night.

Sunday night’s Noel G show showered upon me a whole wreath of emotions. This is normal for an artist of such magnitude, but I was still surprised. Here are the feels that I experienced on Sunday night, and why I experienced it. That’s all I’m gonna give you this post.

Humor – Noel G’s a funny dude. Besides making fun of a dad for being cheap or yelling at a guy for wearing flip flops, you can see Noel still hasn’t stopped being a bit of a prick at his old age. Best line of the night was him saying “If you bought tickets to tomorrow night’s show…it’s gonna be the exact same as tonight’s show!”

Serenity – Champagne Supernova. Such a great track. I think everyone in the crowd was a bit uptight until Noel G busted out this track about twenty minutes in. Then the theatre lit up and everyone sang along with Noel G. The visualizations for this song was like a Windows 95 screensaver too, so that took everyone way back.

Annoyance – What’s with the crowd. Middle aged drunk Englishman yelling out random stuff for no reason through out the show. We get it, you are English, you are rowdy, you like football. Why do you yell? You think Noel G’s gonna change his set list cos you screamed out MOOOOORRRNNNNIIING GLOOOOORRRYYY at him? You gotta be off your bollocks you wanker. Go sit back in your seat, have a cup of tea and think about leaving the house.

Boredom – I enjoy Noel G’s latest record, but something about his live show made a lot of his songs sound very … similar. I think it’s the drummer. He plays the same beat for every song, and Noel G follows a very traditional way of song writing – verse bridge chorus repeat. On their own, the sounds are good but together, they melt together. It’s like a fondue – you can have ten different types of cheese that on it’s own or as part of a cheese plate, taste differently. You put them all in a bowl and melt the shit out of it, it’ll taste like cheese.

Happiness – Don’t Look Back In Anger is a wonderful sing along and a happy time for everyone. It’s a special tune and just a reminder of how wonderful everything was back in the day, which leads me to my last emotion …

Anticipation – I appreciate Noel and Liam branching out on their own to explore their own lives but sooner or later, they’ll realize the error of their ways and reform. I’ll be there when that happens, singing my heart out.

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