Concert Review: Walk The Moon, The Griswolds, April 16, 9:30 Club


Pedestrian is one of my favorite words. In the first place, I am a dedicated pedestrian (definition #1). Nothing makes me happier than a stroll – preferably on a sunny day, along a nice wide sidewalk, and with a delicious snack to be eaten on the go. What’s my typical destination? Honestly, the majority of the time, I don’t have one. Aka destination optional. Seriously, the pleasure of soaking up some vitamin D, observing life in the streets, and wandering is all the motivation I need to move my feet. My friends have largely given up on inviting me to brunches and happy hours – they know that the number one way to get my attention is to suggest a stroll with a froyo stop somewhere along the way. Sign me up. Every time.

In the second place, I love using the word pedestrian as an adjective (definition #2). It’s just the right combination of snooty yet familiar that you can be relatively certain your audience will know what you’re talking about and yet come off as high-faluting and semi-educated. It’s a win-win.

At this point, I imagine most of you are rolling your eyes, thinking “This post is pedestrian (#2)! When is she going to get to the music?!”

Fair enough. But do note that the first definition of pedestrian (#1) does play a strong role in this write-up. See if you can catch all the #1-pedstrian-related tie-ins…*

First up, the Griswolds! This Australian band burst onto the music scene in 2012 with their hit Mississippi, all about walking down the riverbanks, falling in love, and all other goods things in life. The quartet really hit the ground running in 2012, when they also wowed audiences with their Heart of a Lion EP followed by their Beware the Dog EP in 2014. Most recently, the group released their first album, Be Impressive, which features “16 Years” – a track picked up by FIFA to make soccer players’ and fans’ feet move. On stage, the adorable foursome was irresistable. They built on the pumped-up crowd’s energy with fun banter, a birthday sing-along for the drummer (which, thanks to the semi-clueless DC crowd went: “Happy birthday dear…. drummer!!”) and nonstop beats. The crowd favorite was Beware the Dog but the band’s newest single, If You Wanna Stay, also garnered tons of fan cheers.

Ambling from Australia to Ohio – Walk the Moon hailing from ‘Murrica’s fabulous mid-west played next as headliner of the night! The group made a stunning entrance to the background music of the Lion King’s Circle of Life, dazzling the audience immediately with Nicholas Petricca’s glitter-blazer, smooth-swivel hip moves, and awesome light show. Last time the band was in DC, they performed at the smaller U Street Music Hall venue. While that spot is super fun and intimate, it was very cool to see the band rock out in the sold-out and venerated 9:30 Club. It’s also always great to see bands “grow” up through their venue trajectory and it was clear that Petricca’s quartet has matured into their rockstar role with style and enthusiasm. The band has so many top-notch hits at this point, it’s hard for me to even pick my top 3 favorite tracks! Oh but let’s try – “Tightrope,” “Work this Body,” and “Different Colors” were the highlight of the set last night for me.

Also, in good news, no matter how large any venue is, you WILL be able to see Petricca’s dimples which are, alone, worth the ticket money.

So don’t stroll, saunter, trudge, dawdle, or plod to see this tour if they’re in your area. Run! If you can’t tell already by reading this review, this concert is anything but pedestrian (#2).

*Pedestrian (#1) Tie-in count: 6!
1) all about “walking” down the Mississippi
2) hit the ground “running” (eh, kind of a stretch I know…)
3) to make soccer players’ and fans’ “feet move”
4) “Ambling” from Australia to Ohio
5) “Walk” the Moon
5 1/2) Bonus: Tightrope lyrics: WALK a tightrope, WALK a little tightrope!
6) So don’t “stroll, saunter, trudge, dawdle, or plod”

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