SXSW Review: Torres (solo), March 18, Central Presbyterian Church

Paul has reviewed Torres (Mackenzie Scott) performing with a full band at SXSW. Here at the church and without their accompaniment, I think I can safely say that the experience is different.

With her singing already unique, her solo voice runs thick and intense with a good range but never hoarse. She worked through her melancholy set methodically, only infrequently addressing the audience and even then she was humble/quiet. All of her commanding volume and presence shows itself like a retractable claw on demand, it seems. Every song feels like a confession of sorts – they appear to be deeply personal lyrics (that I can’t always find online). I particularly liked one song where the chorus repeats: “I wish I was the sea”. Another number that stood out was “Jealousy and I.”

I felt that I was being treated to a recital instead of a concert, where you were invited to appraise the music like a bystander, rather than simply allowing it to sweep you away toward a blissfully enjoyable atmosphere.

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