SXSW Review: Ibeyi, March 18


Ibeyi will be one of the bands you hear about coming out of SXSW because frankly, they are irresistible. Ibeyi means twins in Yoruba a language spoken by Lisa-Kaind√© and Naomi Diaz. Their music although minimal, has powerful flare that is rather refreshing in today’s world.

On stage, the pair are captivating and charming. The unique way they handle percussions (one song involves body taps and snapping the finger to replace instruments) was just one of the highlights of their show which put at the forefront all the things that has the internet world buzzing. The duo’s harmonizations were so on point I thought it was because of some supernatural twin thing.

Genuinely beaming at the chance to play in front of a large crowd at Youtube Coppertank (what a venue name), the duo’s enthusiasm easily permeated into the crowd which resulted in some fun call and responses and interactions. The group is touring North America now, make sure you see them if you get the chance.

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