SXSW Review: Tanya Tagaq, March 19, Flamingo Cantina

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It’s hard to describe Tanya Tagaq’s live show, but one word sums it up pretty well.


If you want to go to an intense show, go to Tanya Tagaq’s show. Once she starts and grabs your attention, she won’t let it go until she’s done, even if you want to let it go, it’s impossible. The most recent Polaris Prize winner, Tanya Tagaq’s music is said to be her version of Inuit throat singing. Accompanied with a relentless combination of drums and violin, Tanya Tagaq’s show takes you through a series of motions when you first see her show:

What the hell is going on?
How does she make that sound?
What is she doing?
How are other people reacting (especially random people who just walked in)

About ten to twelve minutes later, she ends her first song and you can finally breath. It’s an exhilarating feeling, the tension that Tagaq builds with her songs can be sensed throughout the room and when it’s over, you feel like you and the people around you have been through something together.

That’s power.

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