Concert Review: Jukebox the Ghost, Little Daylight, March 10, 9:30 Club


There is a time and place for gravitas. There is a time and place for profundity. Then, there is a time and place for toe tapping indie anthems. Enter Little Daylight and Jukebox the Ghost, who rocked the 9:30 Club on March 10th to a crowd of delighted fans.

Little Daylight, a super punctual quartet (usually a core trio of Nikki Taylor, Matt Lewkowicz, and Eric Zeiler) hailing from Brooklyn, lit up the stage first with catchy tracks from their 2014 album Hello Memory. While youthful, energetic, and infectious describe all the band’s work, their range of style is impressive. “Be Long” instills listeners with a steady and hypnotic beat while “My Life” evokes a fist-pumping instinct with its almost-protest-style chanting of: “It’s my life… It’s our time!” The band has also delved into the remix world, recently creating a mash up of Jukebox the Ghost’s Postcard which is absolutely awesome. Both for their original sound and their remix ability, this band is absolutely one to keep your eye on. Although the big crowd pleaser in the set seemed to be “Mona Lisa,” “My Life” is my go-to track from the band’s repertoire.

Jukebox the Ghost, a longtime DC favorite formed at George Washington University, took the stage next to a bevy of loyal fans screaming their love. Ben, Tommy, and Jesse needed no introduction as they launched into their large repertoire of tracks dating from their first album, Let Live and Let Ghosts, in 2008 to 2012’s hits off their cover LP I Love You Always Forever. Opening with their new song “Postcard,” the band also hit on favorites such as the ever-silly ever-delightful “Hold it in.” For a trio that must weigh-in at 300 pounds maximum, the group has amazing stage presence – flawlessly bantering, joking, laughing, and playing without any sign of effort. (Shout out to Ben’s first line to the crowd which was an amazingly awkward: “Hello DC! You smell delicious!”) And the smiles on those guys – it’s so fun to watch performers enjoying their craft. And they really do come off as artists. Ben on the keyboard is unbelievable. You have to see him to believe his effortless skill. Jukebox the Ghost never ceases to please and the tireless group is always on tour. Look them up! And try to feed them if you can sneak a snack their way….

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