SXSW Preview: Spain

picture of band spain

I stumbled upon Spain in my formative years in the 90s and I was very glad I did. Featuring the smooth strength of Charles Hayden’s vocals and simple jazzy arrangements, Spain’s sound was a great contrast to the buffet of britpop I had on my regular rotation. The track Nobody Has To Know is still one of my favourite tracks to this day.

The past year saw Spain team up with Canada’s own Dine Alone Record to deliver the new album Sargent Place. I have only recently got my hands on the record (thanks, Dine Alone!) and am excited to see how it blends with the older material. Luckily, they are playing in Austin again. I was elated to see them at SXSW two years ago and this time around, I’m equally excited to see them once again showcase their music in Austin (and not at 1:30 am).

Check them out at Bungalow from 8:00 to 8:40 pm on Wednesday March 18.

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