Concert Review: Dr Dog, January 22, 9:30 Club

Social solitude. If I were to describe Dr Dog concerts, that is what I would go with. Every time I see this band, I am struck by how independent the six band members seem on stage. Don’t get me wrong, this on-stage isolation does not, at all, compromise their sound. In fact, they stand out for how tight and almost trademarked their different hooks and rhythms consistently are from track to track. That being said, the way the band members stay on their separate sections of the stage, nodding to their beat, blinded by sunglasses and warmed by beanies, it almost feels as though they’ve been photoshopped onto a gloriously bizarre stage background adorned with odd-looking Christmas lights and flamingos decor. It’s an odd sensation to witness, as I think most fans are used to seeing bands banter and conspiratorially head bang and just generally hang out for the set… that being said it’s not at all unpleasant.

In fact, the way Dr Dog’s music makes one feel (a bit dazed… a bit complacent…. a bit wondrous… and all in all happy) a pleasant type of alienation/isolation is (at least in my opinion) welcomed. The band’s show at the 9:30 Club last night was a perfect example of this ambiance: men in long beards, women in fur coats, men in high heels, women in plaid vests, men and women in beanies all happily co-existed in a laid-back atmosphere perfect for a wintry Thursday night in DC.

The band played several favorites from its huge repertoire. The stand-out track for me was “Take Me Into Town” which I hadn’t adequately appreciated until I heard it live.

This band’s a consistent favorite live. Their tour promoting their newest album, Live at a Flamingo Hotel, runs through April 12. Hit them up.

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