Concert Review: Lily & Madeleine, November 15, Lincoln Hall

What’s better than two people who look alike having fun? Two people who look alike who can sing!

Lily & Madeleine, an adorable prairie-gothic-style sister duo from Indiana, took the stage at Lincoln Hall on Saturday night. The crowd, including many family and friends, fluctuated between cheers of support and reverent silence as the duo progressed through their edgy classic-folk-rock tracks including “Blue Blades,” “Devil We Know,” “Fumes,” and “Rabbit,” which included the delightful lyric “rabbit run for it/as if your life depends on it.”

With Lily (or was it Madeleine?) on the guitar and her sister on the keyboard, and backed by Shannon Hayden on cello, the sisters told the crowd about their upcoming European tour and gave an embarrassed “MOM!” when their Mom shouted out a request for “Stuck on the Puzzle.” If you’re looking for a night of low key beauty and charm give these two ladies from Indianapolis a whirl.

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2 Responses to Concert Review: Lily & Madeleine, November 15, Lincoln Hall

  1. jimbo

    Lily is the younger sister who mainly plays guitar. Madeleine is the older sister on keyboards. Lily also can play the piano. Man, can they both sing!

  2. Celeste

    Thanks for clearing that up! They look so much alike I just wasn’t sure. Both extremely talented and beautiful voices for sure – I was so glad I got to catch them at a small venue with a great sound system.

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