NXNE Review: I Smell Blood, June 19, The Boat


After seeing Pissed Jeans earlier in the evening, I couldn’t resist the idea of keeping the bodily fluids theme going for the night by taking in a set by  I Smell Blood, straight outta London, Ontario.  The name suits the band and their loud, aggressive sound well, evoking the image of an animal ready to strike out at it’s prey. The name also reminds me of an episode of Angel where a character states that blood smells like pennies taste.  Sorry for the geeky digression. 

I Smell Blood follows in the tradition of two piece noisemakers like Lightning Bolt or godheadSilo, though they keep things strictly intrumental.  Playing to a small but appreciative crowd at The Boat. the band ploughed through a few numbers full of rumbling low end riffs and frantic blasting drums. 

It was the perfect way to cap off the night and also the perfect way to keep myself awake at 1am on a Thursday. 

Posted on by Paul in North By Northeast