NXNE Review: Maica Mia, June 18, Garrison

maica mia

What the NXNE Press Guide said:

Maica Mia is an experimental rock trio consisting of Maica Armata, Jonny Paradise, and Godspeed You! Black Emperor’s Mauro Pezzente. Arresting and cathartic vocals, assertive guitars orbiting a microcosm of terrestrial samples, explosive drumming, and maximalist flourishes of space-balladry make up their core sound of heavy hypnotics.

I’ve been a GY!BE fan since their inception back in my Montreal days so it piqued my interest when I saw that their bassist was also a member of Maica Mia.¬†Upon my arrival at the Garrison I found a relatively sparse room. It was also slightly disappointing to see that it was just the duo without Mauro playing tonight. Regardless, I can only imagine that they might feel slightly discouraged as it would be quite tough to play to a mostly empty room.

Their music was filled with an abundance of dark minor chords mixed with Maica’s slow and haunting vocals and overlaid with aggressive drums. It was still quite loud considering it felt so empty in there.

Their set was done within twenty-five minutes. Looking dejected, Maica mentioned that they had records for sale and then packed up her gear.

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