NXNE Q&A Preview: Gold Beach


As part of our NXNE coverage, we held a series of Q&A with some bands performing during the festival.

Gold Beach is a solo act from one of my favorite American cities – Austin, Texas. They/He has a new album out and wants to soundtrack your summer.

Is this your first NXNE? If so, what are your expectations for it? If not, what did you learn from last time that’ll improve your experience this time?
Yes, this is the first time for NXNE this year and my expectations are very high. i’m excited about the overlap in the different arts at the festival. also excited to visit the Gardiner Museum. i’m sure it will come and go quickly.

What other bands are you looking forward to seeing at NXNE?
Definitely mutual benefit. also, kc accidental, dana falconbery. would love to catch a few hip hop shows as well, but i’m still exploring the various acts performing.

What do you think is your band’s greatest strengths? and also, what is your greatest weakness?
Strengths: sense of space, strong performances. evolving sound.
Weaknesses: sense of space, strong performances, evolving sound

What is the best merch your band has?
A t-rex head on our shirts! looks like THIS

What’s with all the bands with the word Beach in their names lately?
Beach house and who else? i don’t know..pretty sure our music sounds different.

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