NXNE Q&A Preview: Fevers


As part of our NXNE coverage, we held a series of Q&A with some bands performing during the festival.

Fevers is a band from the faraway town of Ottawa. They play songs that can fit in any 80’s movie montage, which makes them cool in my books. They are playing these shows:
The Boat, Wednesday, June 18 @ 11 PM
Rivoli, Thursday, June 19 @ 8 PM

Since this is such a twitter world, can you describe your band in 140 characters or less?
Mike: If you found yourself in a dance-fight with one or even several zombies, FEVERS would absolutely be the most appropriate soundtrack.

Jim: I don’t think I’ll need 140 characters #justinbieber

Is this your first NXNE? If so, what are your expectations for it? If not, what did you learn from last time that’ll improve your experience this time?

Sarah: We participated in NXNE last year. It was really fun but our only regret is that we just stayed in Toronto for one night. This year, we’re looking forward to spending the whole weekend going to shows and meeting other musicians. It’s like a mini-vacation, but a busy one!

What other bands are you looking forward to seeing at NXNE?

Jim: As we’ll be at NXNE the whole week, I’m really hoping to check out a lot of bands, including some of our friends’ bands from Ottawa and Montreal. That, and Future Islands – I think that will be a great show.

Martin: Foxtrott, Future Island, old friends in Ghost Cousin, Mac DeMarco, Scattered Clouds, Foxtrott, The Barr Brothers

What do you think is your band’s greatest strengths? and also, what is your greatest weakness?

Colin: Greatest strength: diversity of the members. We have people with different nationalities, mother tongues, political stripes, musical influences, and a pretty health age gap too! This leads to a lot of different perspective around the table when we make decisions.

Greatest weakness: perhaps the same thing. We can take forever to make a decision. We sometimes wish we just had a band dictator to make it all easy for us.

What is the best merch your band has?

Sarah: I wish I could tell you we had FEVERS visor caps or something. Right now, we’re selling our album ‘No Room For Light’.

Mike: I believe that we still have two or three XXL t-shirts left from our first run, so those are definitely collector’s items at this point. Stitch them all together for a custom FEVERS quilt!

What is your favourite restaurant in Ottawa?

Colin: Phuket Royal in my own hood of China Town.

Jim: Quinn’s. More of a bar, but they have great food too. It’s cosy, friendly, and they brew their own beer.

Martin: The Manx. Great food, great music, great people.

Mike: Hooch is a bourbon bar on Rideau St., they have some chicken & waffles that are completely bananas, but my heart will always belong to the Elgin Street Diner. That poutine…

Sarah: Ceylonta. It’s a Sri Lankan restaurant near Sommerset/Bank area. The food is amazing. My mouth is watering as I’m typing.

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