NXNE Q&A Preview: The Ugly Club


As part of our NXNE coverage, we held a series of Q&A with some bands performing during the festival.

The Ugly Club are from Brooklyn and play the Hideout on June 20th at 10pm.

So this probably has been asked a few times..what’s with the name?

The origin of the name isn’t interesting; a friend made it up and we stole it because it wasn’t being used. However, the name has been helpful because it either makes people compliment us and say we’re actually quite beautiful (obviously) or it strikes a curious chord in people and they need to find out what The Ugly Club is…a band, a label, a gang, etc.

Since this is such a twitter world, can you describe your band in 140 characters or less?

The most influential music since The Bodyguard soundtrack.

Is this your first NXNE? If so, what are your expectations for it? If not, what did you learn from last time that’ll improve your experience this time?

This is our second year at NXNE and this time I plan on catching more shows and enjoying the time off in Toronto instead of going to panels and boring stuff.

What other bands are you looking forward to seeing at NXNE?

St. Vincent of course, who we will miss because we play around the same time, Spoon, Snowmine who I think is a hugely underrated band from Brooklyn, and maybe a few others.

What do you think is your band’s greatest strengths? and also, what is your greatest weakness?

Our greatest strength is definitely a genuine friendship, because without that it’d be miserable…being in a band is hard. Also, everyone is in it for music, no bullshit. Our greatest weakness is the reality of working around day jobs, we’d be much stronger if we could cut those chains and just go all in.

What is the best merch your band has?

RE: Our icy blue 7″ single. Obviously just such a cool collectors item. Check it out: http://companyinkrecords.limitedrun.com/products/504607-the-ugly-club-loosen-up

The Ugly Club are from Brooklyn and play the Hideout on June 20th at 10pm.

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