Concert Review: Fanfarlo, April 16, 2014, Lee’s Palace


As a completely non music skilled person, bands like Fanfarlo astound me. In town for a the first time in a few years to promote their new (and excellent) album Let’s Go Extinct, the five piece band brought to the stage a multi-instrumental presence that was truly impressive. Among the instruments used throughout the show (besides your usual ones) include a saxophone, trumpet and musical saw. How do they learn so many instruments? Must be a right brain/left brain thing.

Fanfarlo is an interesting band because they had quite a lot of attention when they initially released their debut record Reservoir but the attention has lessened with each subsequent release despite the albums getting better. Weird how that works.

Either way, the half packed crowd at Lee’s Palace enjoyed a solid hour plus show that had a sprinkling from all three albums. The material off the new album got most of the attention and it’s quality arrangements sounded great live. Tracks like Let’s Go Extinct, Cell Song and the dancey Landlocked not only show the bands growth as musicians but also, had the crowd moving (if ever so slightly). I actually think I liked some of the newer tracks better then Luna, which before the show was probably my favorite Fanfarlo song, but the latter material just seems more rounded.

Overall, a solid show from a solid band that should get more attention.

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