SXSW Review: De Lux

LA group De Lux pulled off one of the smoothest and most south by moves I saw at the music festival this year. Playing the Filter Cedar Courtyard on a Friday afternoon, the group was halfway through their set when some other guy went up to the lead singer Sean Guerin mid-song and whispered something into his ears. Without missing a beat or lyrics, Guerin then reached into his pocket and handed the guy car keys. It wasn’t a big deal, but it was somewhat hilarious.

I accidentally caught De Lux twice at SXSW but I thoroughly enjoyed their set of disco-dance-rock music. It really took me back to the 80’s and somehow I think they could perfectly soundtrack the next Adam Sandler 80’s era movie. Their music was fun, a bit Talking Headish and has some nice hooks. Guerin’s vocal work was different then a lot of singers, a bit scratchy and sometimes a bit off key, it gives their music a form of sincerity which is sometimes a lacking feature in the new wave-disco kind of world that De Lux exists in.

The band also gave away a lot of free EP’s after each show, and judging by the amount of people who went up to get them, I would say that they gained a few fans with their sets, including me.

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